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  • NAME: Indexable Crank Mills
  • NO.: 028
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Tool structure: vertical installation.
Range: According to customers’need.
Processing characteristic:
1. Indexable inner and outer cranks cutter is suitable for efficient processing in special crank machines for crankshafts. The crankshaft machining is a continuous improvement process and affected many diverse factors, such as processing equipment’s quality precision and processing materials’ performance. We will decide the best solution according to processing conditions.
2. The mills’s overall outline is close to curves through special hard alloy blade overlap joints. The blade is in tangential arrangement. The cutting blade has relatively high strength. t, so clip elements are not used. Relatively many milling teeth can be installed to balance loads. Furthermore, every blade has enough chip space, so the milling cutter is smooth and has high cutting efficiency.
3. According to different requirements of customers, our company has developed the integral indexable internal crankshaft milling cutter, integral indexable milling cutter, modular indexable internal crankshaft milling cutter, modular indexable milling cutter and so on. These excellent tools have been widely applied in lots of producers of crankshaft production industy, and obtained obvious economic benefit.

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