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Company Profile

Harbin No.1 Tool Manufacture Corporation Ltd is a famous professional tool manufacturing enterprise, whose predecessor Harbin Tools Factory was founded in 1948, from Shenyang in 1950 moved to Harbin.
At the end of 2009, the company moved to Yingbin Road Centralized Park, Development Zone, Harbin, China. The company has completed the historic removal and innovation which built a new development platform. The new company covers an area of 116 thousand square meters and possesses 1600 employees, total 700 million Yuan assets and 1852 set production equipment and instrument. Production facilities, equipment, scale and capacity are comprehensively upgraded.
Harbin No.1 Tool Manufacture Corporation Ltd is the mainstay manufacture in China Equipment Industry, one of the 16 important industrial enterprises in Heilongjiang Province, the largest national production and scientific research base of precise and complex cutting tools and CNC cutting tools. As the first company in Chinese tool industry, after the 60 years’ development, it holds the core technology of precise and complex cutting tools and leads Chinese tool manufacturing industry. It stands for the highest level of our state’s tools manufacture.
Company mainly engaged in the development, manufacturing, sales and service of all kinds of tools needed by automotive, aerospace, energy, machine tool and equipment manufacturing, military industry etc. The major products are as follows, gear cutters, broaches, indexable milling tools, threading cutters, milling cutters, drilling cutters, turning cutters, sawing cutters and wood cutting tools. All the products are divided into 9 categories, 200 kinds and 20000 specifications. The capacity of precise and complex tools is among the forefront of the industry and the techniques take leading in this industry in China.

The company possesses the leading technical force and new product research capabilities. Many products received the national, provincial and municipal title of outstanding new products and prize for Progress in Science and Technology. It got patents for 31 kind of products. The company is guided by the market and promotes the rapid development of the enterprise’s technology. In order to realize the replacement of the import, it has created high speed and efficient gear hob and heavy type spline broach for auto industry, tenon groove broach for aeromotor and steam turbine, CNC gear cutters for wind power industry and many other high end cutters on demand. The company technology center is the first national recognized center in 1995 and is the only state-level enterprise technology center in tool industry with 298 various professional engineering and technical personnel, including 12 experts obtain government special allowances and young and middle-aged expert title.
The company always adheres to market-oriented, quality of products and services as the foundation of enterprise. It passed the ISO9001quality management system certification. The company has established a comprehensive quality management institutions, quality inspection agency, measurement and testing agencies, leading testing equipment and instruments. We are keeping the classic heritage brand, pursuing the excellent performance and integrity services, recasting the image of the industry.

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